About Us

Is-As offers reliable, customer-focused, and one-of-a-kind products. Since its inception in 2018, we've grown from a Home Office to a thriving online store serving customers worldwide. Fueled by our passion for difference, we conducted extensive research and left our day jobs to bring our vision to life. Our offerings include clothing, and music with a message. Contact us for any questions or comments.

Humility involves acknowledging your abilities without compromising personal values or integrity, even if it means saying no to opportunities that don’t align with your true self.

IsAs represents gut feelings. Overstanding fear and the ability to achieve anything with faith. We want to do as we say with action and stand apart from the normal society. An Ace as nothing without a King. Stick to a plan tell all other fails

Humility is not a sign of weakness but a strength that acknowledges personal limitations.

Is-As is more then a brand, this isn't about self-promotion; it's centered on recognizing one's significance in harmony with the grace from GOD

True humility involves understanding and embracing one's abilities without arrogance.

Being humble doesn't mean stepping back from one's capabilities but using them with grace.

The brand is emphasizing the identification of one's importance beyond external validation.

Saying no with humility is a powerful act, aligning choices with personal reflection and values.

Humility is a key aspect of maintaining personal integrity in decision-making.

Recognizing when an opportunity doesn't resonate with personal values is a hallmark of humility.

Completion. Humility fosters genuine self-awareness, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Is-As embodies a lifestyle transformation.

It’s best to realign your thoughts and find

Purpose, with GOD

Honor your purpose, with GOD

Renew your purpose, with GOD

Achieve purpose, with GOD

Strengthen your purpose, with GOD

Elevate your purpose, with GOD